wonderjunior poster

My Sapphire Blue poster for Wonderjunior

fairytale fantasies challenge


new site

Joined Just Kpop request site as a graphic designer recently! Support? :D

Novice in Tomboyish just accepted my application too! Check it out!


more graphics


 (left to right, clockwise)Your favorite beast background for kaeri; Your favorite beast poster for kaeri; Pleasure slave background (version one) for makichan; Pleasure slave background (version two) for makichan; Pleasure slave poster for makichan; The way you smile poster challenge for Markie


I don't believe myself either, I wrote a poem o.O 
And it doesn't even rhyme XD

White drapes tender 
Yellows flutter 
Spring has come 

Cantabile the zephyr play 
Whisking all rues away 
Gentle warmth beneath the feet 
Up where an amber awaits 

Sway from left to right 
Sway with the eager bloom 
Baby blues closed
Under a big big baby blue

Pleasant how a silence goes
Basked in light galore
Sadness nevermore